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What is ULC?
In a Nutshell: The RevaSoft Ultra Light Client is a new architecture to address the fat client problem. The principal idea is to run applications on a centrally controlled application server. Only the presentation part of an application is run on the client's desktop. The presentation part is implemented by a universal user interface engine (UI Engine).

ULC produces thin, easily distributable, low bandwidth client applications.

ULC Background
Originally developed by OTI/IBM in collaboration with
 Credit Suisse     Credit Suisse
 UBS     UBS Group

Both have investments in Smalltalk
  Protect existing skill sets and code base
  Enable smooth migration from Smalltalk to java.

ULC Java licensed to RevaSoft in 2000 for further development and productisation

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Product Overview
Display Servers
Presentation Servers
Half Objects
Layout & Widgets
Lazy Loading
Intelligent Widgets
Asynchronous Comm. Development Model
Deployment Model

ULC Demo

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