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With the advent of the network and the Internet there have been many paradigm shifts in application development and deployment technologies. From the earliest days of the text based 3270 terminals to the more modern 2-tier and 3-tier client/server, graphical user interface (GUI) based applications. Each of the technologies has their strengths and weaknesses. The sheer simplicity of the server based 3270 applications has been weighed against the flexibility and the user-friendly nature of client/server GUI based applications.

ULC Architecture

Figure 1: Revasoft ULC Architecture

With the increasing popularity of the personal computer and the graphical user interfaced based operating systems, demand for feature rich applications has led application developers to build increasingly bloated client side applications that have been termed "Fat Client" applications. With the relatively recent introduction of web-based technologies like HTML and Java, developers have looked to these technologies to move to a "Thin Client" based computing model. Unfortunately HTML being primarily designed for page layout does not lend itself well to building complex applications. Java on the other hand has a robust development model and is well suited to building complex applications but does not address the issue of building thin client applications.

ULC a patent pending technology addresses these issues with a robust development environment based on Java, with a server based architecture well suited for building thin client applications. ULC allows the rapid development and deployment of lightweight, easily distributable, low bandwidth client applications.

RevaSoft ULC for Java is now available as an add-on to the award winning IBM VisualAge for Java development environment.

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ULC Demo

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