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ULC R4.0

RevaSoft announces the immediate availability of ULC Release 4.0. ULC R4.0 is a patent pending thin-client technology for development of applications based on Java. ULC enables rapid development of server based applications that when deployed use very little bandwidth while providing the user with a rich user interface.

ULC applications can be developed and deployed using any Java 2 compatible virtual machine.

ULC technology is ideal for organisations that would like to deploy Java/Swing based applications across the Intranet or Internet without incurring the cost of building custom servlets/applets that are expensive to deploy to their clients.

R4.0 has a number of new features:

  1. Cleanup of the overall ULC API to closely match the Swing API allowing developers moving from the Swing world to quickly get up to speed in ULC.

  2. Extensible Launcher and Security infrastructure based on industry standard public key certificates allowing ULC applications to be safely deployed across the Internet.

  3. A new ULC Transport extension mechanism that allows transports to be added on the fly without requiring any change in existing ULC code.

  4. An optional ULC HTTP Transport enabling ULC applications to be deployed as servlets within an existing Servlet 2.x container.

  5. Integrated support for Java Web Start allowing the ULC UI Engine to be downloaded and launched on the fly.

  6. Improved developer documentation and a new ULC Cookbook.

  7. Improved support for building ULC applications visually within the IBM VisualAge for Java Composition editor.

For more information regarding ULC technology download the ULC white paper (201 KB) - Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
To download a 30 day trial release go to: Register & Download.
Bringing the Advantage of Thin Client Computing to JAVA
The ULC Demo
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